Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm sitting next to April, again reading in Blogland while she asks me how to start a blog. I explain it to her. She is off and writing! While I read ANWA's Blog, Anne Bradshaw's Blog, Martha's other blogs, Jessica's blog...April posts two...yes, two stories to her new blog.

Yes, the competition is fierce! I have my list of potential blog posts sitting on our computer desk while she steals one of my best stories right out of my head! All I can say is there is the quick and the unpublished.


abstractpoet said...

Hey, there Allens! 'Tis me, the elusive Utah girl who now lives in the miraculous snowy Virginia! I'm missing all of you lots and lots. Hopefully I'll start getting my blogfest on like all y'all.

Over and Out,

Terry said...

Hey, my fav abstract poet, good to hear from you! I hope you told your mom hi!
Sis Terry

Lisa said...

Hey Terry, received the family Christmas letter. Was sure surprised to see you had moved back to Utah over a year ago and nobody said anything! I emailed Dan to see if he would share you home address so I could send you all a Christmas card and letter but haven't heard from him. The family looks wonderful! Who is the baby???