Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is Hard and There is Hope

I read a Segullah blog post a while back asking for people to share happy things that are going on in their lives. I could use a list of happy events right now. I enjoy getting on Facebook to see how my "friends" are doing and what they are up to. The last month I've had 2 friends that have had tragedy strike their children. Cancer and a "life changing" neck injury. These friends have been blogging about their experiences and my mother's heart aches for them. My prayers are with them. I read their blogs and cry, and the spring rains cry with me. Their blogs testify of the hope they still have. The hope in happy moments even with the "finger nails on a chalkboard" reality that their child is sick and suffering.

A quote from, "We believe in the gift of healing." (and paraphrasing) healing even comes with death. Christ's gift of healing is for everyone, healing that can only come through Him. I think that is probably the most difficult thing for a mother is not being able to take the pain away. Only the Savior can do that. Again, my prayers go out to my friends. Prayers for comfort, healing, and peace. Prayers for the arms of angels around them during these trials.