Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lost in Blogland

The last 2 weeks I've had the best of intentions of updating my blogs, but to no avail. First, every time I get on to do it, I get lost in blogland. It has been a real distraction. Not that I think anyone is even reading my blogs. I don't blame you if you're not because I haven't put anything new on them. I don't know how the people who blog regularly do it! They probably don't get lost in blogland!
But, having said that, tonight, I found a couple of really neat blogs. One is, which is American Night Writer's Association. I'm so excited. It is a group of LDS women writers who support each other in their writing aspirations. Some are published, some are beginners. The founder is from Mesa. They have meetings, a newsletter, and social groups to help. The reason I found them was because I was wondering if anyone could google my name and tender mercies to find my blog. On the third page of the search results was a link to ANWA with a tender mercy story . I liked the story and the link. But better than that, I am going to join ANWA and see if I can work on some of my stories I have floating around in my head.
The second link I really enjoyed was that of Anne Bradshaw's
Not Entirely British blog. She has some great stuff on her blog. My favorite was the Mom Song from Youtube. It is great. I do need to memorize this because then I can sing it to my children first thing in the morning and not have to speak to them the rest of the day.


Marsha Ward said...

Terry, your last sentence made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that. Isn't Anne Bradshaw fun? She is an amazing lady.

Thank you for the plug about ANWA. We're looking forward to having you join with us.

Marsha Ward
Writer in the Pines
ANWA Founder & Friends

Liz Adair said...

Mine is the story you mentioned in your blog. Marsha Ward, founder of ANWA kindly directed me to your blog and post about discovering ANWA. I had two books published by Deseret Book before I joined ANWA, but I want to tell you that my growth as a writer since joining this group has been tremendous. I wish I had found them years ago. I live in northwest Washington, far from the Phoenix area, but we have established a local branch of ANWA, meet monthly, cheer each other on, critique each other, and grow, grow, grow.

I look forward to the announcement that you have joined us!

Terry said...

Thanks for posting comments on blog. How do I get comments on my blog forwarded to my own email address?