Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Letter

This year has been a busy one. For those of you who don’t know, we moved from Mesa in August of 06. Our big move last year ended with us moving into a new home with an unfinished basement. We quickly realized that there wasn’t quite enough room for 4 kids, 2 dogs, and Terry and me in 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, so we finished the basement between Christmas and Spring-break.

Terry has kept very busy this year between managing the basement project, keeping the rest of the house (and family) in order, and working for the Bridgerland Phonebook. She has also started writing again. You can see her labors at .

Dan still loves his job as a Product Engineer at Inovar, Inc. and being back in Cache Valley. He didn’t get out into the mountains as much as he would have liked, but still thinks they are really nice to look at. He also loves the four seasons.

Ryan had a busy year, also: between school, working construction, and keeping a long distance relationship going. Then it was apartment hunting and planning a wedding in a month which took place in August. He and his new bride, Becky, are doing very well.

Mindy, Nathan, and Emma are still in Mesa, but we have been fortunate enough to see them close to every other month this past year. They are great!

Tessa made it onto the cast of the Logan High presentation of “Damn Yankees” this year, and really enjoyed it. She got the cast award for the cheesiest grin! Currently she is singing with Logan High’s top choir, Crimson Colony. She is moving back to Mesa in a week to finish High School with her beloved Mesa people.

April decided to tryout for the Sky View Color Guard this year. She gave up her Saturdays, and spent many long hours practicing all summer for the program. She enjoyed marching with a great band. She now loves singing in the Cache Children’s Choir. She is in high school and will be getting her driving permit this spring. We can’t believe it!

Ross is having a blast with all of his new friends in the neighborhood. We have 6 boys his age surrounding us within a couple of houses in every direction, a big change from Mesa! He loves school, and soccer.

We hope this letter finds you well this Christmas season. We are thankful to call you our loved ones.

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Sandra said...

Hi, I just found your blog through the blogring and was reading past posts. Good to meet you. My kids are in the marching band here in Pleasant Grove. I love going to all the competitions and watching all the bands and this year I thought that Sky View had an amazing show- so that means I cheered for April. Way to go!