Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choir Audition

Well, tonight I auditioned for the American Festival Chorus. I didn't feel terribly nervous until Jay Richards hit my first note and it sounded too high. I started singing and totally choked on the first phrase of my song. After I got started, I think I pulled it together alright by the end of the song.

I may have redeemed myself with the sight reading though. I only missed one note that I came in a third too high on. They played it for me and I sang the rest with no trouble. Brother Jessop said that I "nailed it." That made me feel good because Jay Richards, who has been in on all the auditions, said that last week they had 55 people audition and only five were able to sight read well. Hopefully it will make up for the botched beginning.

I wanted to cry on the way home, but if I don't get in it will be okay because I will be plenty busy with 9 credits at USU, part-time work, and my family.


Julie said...

No doubt you'll be busy! I'm so happy the audition went well.

Hey, come visit baby anytime. And don't worry -- we've got hand sanitizer standing by! ;)

Becky said...

Great job trying out! I am very proud. I bet you will make it, you have a great voice.