Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Tagging Myself

3 Joys
My family (that is way more than one and hopefully growing more soon!)
Close Friends

3 Fears
Going crazy (again)
Never graduating from college
Losing more of my hair

3 goals
Completing college
enjoying the journey
being more self-reliant

3 current obsessions/collections-
being healthy

3 surprises about me-
My favorite bumper sticker says, "Question Authority"
I was born at home in England
I was ticketed for riding a mini bike when I was 12 and had to do community service


Mindy said...

That's awesome! I never knew about the community service . . . Keeping any other secrets?

Becky said...

I am glad you tagged yourself! So about this community service...I had no idea you were that type of person...j/k

Anonymous said...

Snickering* wink* Memories!!
Still chuckling* Wild child! 4

Terry said...

I'd recognize your signature anywhere...the wink and * even if you didn't put a 4 there. Come again!