Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Am an Addict

My name is Terry and I am an addict. My family has known for years that I have many addictive behaviors. I'm not going to list them because most of them are obvious to those around me. But finally recognizing this addition completely took me by surprise.

Brace yourselves.

I am a scale addict. That is right! For years I have been weighing myself almost daily. I did miss a few weeks here and there two years ago when we were moving. I actually lost weight because I was so busy that I forgot to eat(and had some anxiety). But when we got moved and somewhat settled, the weight started creeping back on. I went from being 5-10 lbs "too thin" according to my family to again being 15 lbs over weight in about 5 months. I was only weighing about once a week at first, but as the numbers on the scales climbed (in spite of any exercising or healthy eating on my part), my need to weigh everyday took over.

Only after talking to a couple truly healthy friends of mine, did one of them tell me that I was too focused on what I weighed and not focused enough on my overall health. She told me to not weigh myself for two months and focus on being healthy by good eating and exercising. I reacted to the advice quite strongly. My face told her that I couldn't even fathom it. She then said that I was addicted to weighing myself. She is right.

But I really don't want to go cold turkey because I'm counting calories and exercising everyday to lose 10 pounds by October 1st. So I committed to not weighing for a week. I started today. I didn't weigh. It was hard not too, but I didn't. I can see it getting harder each day. I'm going to have to use some EFT for this one!

So the focus is now on health. Mind, body, and spirit.

A side note, I bought a mountain bike today to save gas and get some exercise. I'm going to work up to riding it up to school. I rode a mile uphill without stopping today and 3 miles down. School is 2 miles uphill. It might kill me, but if it doesn't I'll be stronger!


Julie said...

I am just not a weigher. It's never seemed important, as long as my jeans fit! :) Good luck.

And I'm so impressed with your biking goal. That hill would KILL me. Of course, I'd be pulling 3 little ones behind me... :) No, even without them it would kill me!

I saw your comment about the bags. I am feeling just fine about taking orders. I would like to get as many done as I can before I have this little one, you know? I'll do them after that, too, of course, but I might slow down a...bit.

No pressure to purchase one, but just know if you're interested, I'm ready, willing, and able. And I'll stop selling them when one or all of those things cease to be the case. I'm not planning to go big with these -- just a few here and there as people ask for them. I'm actually really enjoying it. I have 2 almost finished -- they'll be out the door by this weekend.

Long comment! Sorry.

Becky said...

Keep tapping it out! You are doing great!! Addictions are hard to overcome. I gave up on overcoming my book addiction. (um, not that you should give up). Besides, I think you already look great so you definitely should just focus on the being healthy part. I am trying to do the same so we will have to chat about different healthy lifestyles.

Christopher J Barlow said...

I don't normally leave comments but I have to say that I am in the same boat. I have to weigh my self every day some times I weigh myself 2 times a day because I forgot that I already did it. The funny thing is I don't care that I am fat. I like being over weight. I just have to know what I weigh.
Christopher J Barlow

Terry said...

I went 6 days without weighing, but I talked to a friend who is an avid exercise and weight loss enthusiast and she weighs everyday...so I have to admit, I'm back at it...everyday. I have lost 8 lbs this last month and I can't weight(haha) to see the next one drop.