Sunday, April 27, 2008

Singing in the Tabernacle

As some of you may have read already, April and I sang in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle with composer and conductor, Rob Gardner in his work of Joseph Smith the Prophet this weekend. It was a wonderful experience. We sang for the prophet on Friday night and got a standing ovation.
Another fun part of the experience was singing all the professional singers (which we are not, but April has high aspirations to be). Jordan Bluth was one of the soloists. I love his cd! April laughed at me because I couldn't wait to meet him. She rolled her eyes and told me that I was silly. I made her come with me as moral support and introduced her and myself. He shook both of our hands, as I told him that I had to meet him because he was my new favorite tenor, even over Josh Groban. He said, "wow," and then put his hand on my shoulder, smiling as he left, having to run because Rob called for all the soloists to meet with him right then. April clearly was reveling in what she thought should be my great embarrassment. I wasn't embarrassed. I joked that I would never wash my right hand or shoulder again. He is rather dashing, and what a voice!

Rob Gardner is such a gifted man, too. He is truly a genius. This is the third time in five years that I have performed with him in the Spire Chorus. It is wonderful that it is a volunteer choir, because I may have been too chicken to audition if it had been otherwise. But most of the volunteers are incredibly talented singers.

April and Terry with Rob


Anne Bradshaw said...

Hello again! I'm back with something else to give away.

On my blog today, there is a gorgeous free Salt Lake Temple screen saver (220 pictures) by photographer, David Terry.

Please help yourself, enjoy, and spread the word!

Candace E. Salima said...

Terry, how fun it was for you and your daughter to do that.

Quick question, do you know Heather Hunt? You and your husband look so much like the couple who sang at her Twist 'n Shout recital last Friday!

Terry said...

No, I don't know Heather. Dan doesn't sing, really. I wish he did! Thanks for visiting. I need to post something, huh?