Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Free Book, Check Here

I was linking through the wonderful world of blogs and found out that J. Scott Savage will give away an advanced reader's copy of his new book Farworld if a blogger will be on his book blog tour, review his book after reading it and have a Q and A with him for a post. The only thing is . . . I have to have an active blog to do it. First, I need to post more often, and then it may be active. But, I can't even get my kids to read my blog! Hmmm. It is a problem.


Mindy said...

I seriously get dibs on this considering I was the one who informed you about it!

J Scott Savage said...

Oh, yeah. Mindy has dibs for sure. I mean she did tell you about it and all. I'll consider this active enough. Send your contact info. But Mindy has to come up with at least two of the questions.

Becky said...

Umm, I would read your blog more if you post more...He he. I do check it so make it active!