Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Margarete and the dreaded disease of CCQ

This evening I went to my American Institutions Student Instruction (SI) supplemental class. I met a lady who is a bit advanced in years to be attending college (yes, even older than me, by about 20 years). Her name is Margarete.
I visited with her and asked her about her current enrollment at Utah State. She said that she often gets questions about "what she wants to be when she grows up?" I laughed because I get that a lot, too. I even ask it to myself. Her answer is, "educated." I like that answer. I think I'll borrow it from now on.
Margarete said that school is her "expensive hobby". I can relate! She also said that she needed to stay away from her past disease of CC&Q. When I questioned her about what that meant, she said, "Crocheting, Cross-stitching, and Quilting!"
I think I'll hang out with Margarete more at school. She makes me laugh.


Becky said...

That's a new disease...Sounds like a smart lady. That is how I am going to be when I am old.

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