Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shadow, Paris, and the Elephants

Tale II in Funny Family Folktales. This is Grandma's story.

One summer our little black Pekingese, Shadow, had tangled with a skunk. No matter what I washed her with, I couldn't get the stench out. Because it was summer and the weather was nice, I just had to keep her outside.

One evening, I was watching my grandson, Paris, who was around five years old. He was very concerned about Shadow being outside and kept asking me if he could let her in. I told him no several times.

He said, "But Grandma, she is shaking. She is cold."

Sure enough, Shadow was shaking, but I knew she wasn't cold. "No, she isn't cold. She just wants in. It is warm outside," I said.

"But, Grandma, she is scared. That is why she is shaking."

"Paris, Shadow isn't scared."

"She is scared," he continued. "We need to let her in."

I, again, told him that there was nothing for Shadow to be afraid of and that she couldn't come in because she smelled too bad, but he wouldn't give up.

"Grandma, Shadow is scared of the elephants."

"What elephants? There aren't any elephants!"

"Oh, they are out there!" He said, "you just can't see them."

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