Tuesday, October 23, 2007

English 101 x 2

I actually learned how to blog in my English 101 class that I took the summer of 2005. That was a great class. I deleted an old blog from there, but had to transfer 3 of the papers I wrote onto this new blog. I just couldn't quite give them up. I worked hard on them. I hope it's OK.

Today I had my first piano lesson in 10 years. I'm taking from my incredibly beautiful and talented daughter-in-law, Becky. She is teaching April, Ross, and me. Ryan, my oldest son, told me that now I have to set a good example by practicing. I will try. I do enjoy playing and having an excuse to do so.

I watched a movie called The Painted Veil today, too. It was thought provoking. I would recommend it.

I had a great evening. For young women's tonight we had dinner and a meeting. The meeting was...a meeting, but afterwards a few of us stood around talking. It was good. I learned that I wasn't the only one in the group who had had Postpartum Depression after my babies. I enjoyed just visiting. I feel like I am finally getting to know a few of the women in the ward a little better. Last week we had a Stake Relief Society service project. We quilted 125+ quilts in a day for different charitable organizations in the valley. I quilted from 11am-5pm. I probably talked too much, as usual. I did get some quilting done, so it wasn't only idle chatter. Plus, I actually learned things about some of the amazing women in my ward. I keep thinking that I'll actually make some friends soon. I've only been here a year. There is hope.

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